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Awbury Adventures Summer Camp

Ages 5-17 | Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM; optional After-Camp from 3:30-6:00pm

Explore Awbury’s 56 acres of woods, pond, farm, field, and our AdventureWoods natural play area.

Hands-on experience with nature! Learn wilderness skills and wildcrafting, forage for edible plants, whittle, build shelters, cook over a campfire, play wide games, get to know Awbury’s animals, make nature-based art, create imaginary worlds, experience magic and adventure – it all adds up to an exciting summer at Awbury Arboretum!

Registration is now open!

Awbury Arboretum members receive 10% off the full camp price, so join at the Family level now to lock in your savings for the summer.

Waitlist Information:

If the camp you are registering for is full and you do not qualify for financial aid, your child’s name will automatically be put on a waitlist for that camp. We will contact you as soon as a space becomes available. We will be releasing any unused scholarship slots to the waitlist on April 15. For any questions about waitlists, please email

We are piloting new camp registration software through Campwise this year in the hopes of making the registration process less frustrating and more streamlined. You will need to create a login with user ID and password, then enter your contact information and your child(ren)’s name and camp session preferences as directed on the site. Accounts will carry over from year to year, so all information will be saved.

Scholarships and Sliding Scale Fees

Available for campers who qualify. Click the button below to see the requirements and to apply for a reduced camp fee. Even if the camp description on this page says “Sold Out,” we may still have reduced fee slots left. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Camp Director at

Summer camp scholarships are underwritten in part by a generous sponsorship from the Bird in Hand Consignment Shop.


Camps for ages 5-8

Child with painted face making monster claws with her hands

Myth & Magic

June 17-21 (no camp June 19) 

Ages 5-8

Do you believe in magic? Explore the magical side of the arboretum with spells, mythical creatures, enchanted trees, and adventures! Do crafts and play in nature. Along the way, learn about myths and fairy tales from African, Asian, Native American, and European cultures.
$280 for 1 week

boy looking at a raccoon skull through a magnifying glass

Junior Citizen Scientists

June 24-28 

Ages 5 to 8

What is an animal habitat? How does pollination work? How does the sun help plants grow? Find out about natural processes while exploring the Awbury landscape from pond to meadow to forest grove. Ages 5-8.
$350 for 1 week

Forest Creatures

July 1- 12 (no camp July 4)

Ages 5-8

Join the fun as we explore the Arboretum looking for native and not-so-native creatures! Through storytelling, games, and crafts we will let our imaginations lead us on daily adventures. During our travels we might spot fairies, search for dragon eggs, get to know some tree creatures, or find out what lives in our wetlands area.
$630 for 2 weeks

Farm Friends

July 8-12

Ages 5-8

An introduction to farms and farm animals for younger children. Learn how plants grow, plant your own seeds, learn about healthy dirt, interact with goats, chickens, bees, and worms, and make simple snacks from farm ingredients. And, of course, play in nature and get dirty!
$350 for 1 week

2 little girls in color clothing drawing

Nature Foragers

July 15-July 26  SOLD OUT

Ages 5-8

If you like to build, engineer, create, cook, and play, then this camp is for you! The natural world will be our creative inspiration for music, art, cooking, and crafts. Campers will forage for supplies and create things from nature. Some of our creations will be short-lived, some will be edible, and some will go home with the campers at the end of the week.
$680 for 2 weeks

2 children holding a plate with leaves

Fungi & Foraging

July 29-August 2

Ages 5 to 8

Where does fruit come from? What kind of plants are fungi? What is the difference between mushrooms and toadstools? We will explore the Arboretum looking for edible and nonedible fruits, plants, and fungus, while playing games, singing, and building our own little mushroom village. Prepare a yummy snack every day.
$350 for 1 week

child holding bark decorated with pastels


August 5-9 SOLD OUT

Ages 5 to 8

What can you make from Nature? Use natural materials to create mandalas, collages, sculptures, paper, natural dyes, toys, and more. The natural world is your toolbox!
$350 for 1 week

Water World

August 12-16 SOLD OUT

Ages 5 to 8

Young campers explore the pond and watercourse and what lives there, play games with water squirters and sprinklers, make boats to sail on the pond, and learn about the importance of water in all life cycles on earth.
$350 for 1 week

Camps for ages 8-12

Children in front of debris hut they built

Camp Katniss

June 17-28 (no camp June 19)
July 1-12 (no camp July 4) SOLD OUT

Ages 8 to 12

Based on the bestselling Hunger Games series, this camp teaches you to live by your wits: learn archery, fire building, foraging, shelter building, camouflaging and stealth techniques, knot tying, knife skills, water collection, campfire cooking and more! Session culminates with an all-day team competition to survive by using your wits and skills. Both of these sessions are identical, so choose one or the other.
$630 for 2 weeks

Farming & Fun

June 17-28 (no camp June 19)

Ages 8-12

Learn about farming, soil health, composting, nutrition, and cooking with fresh produce and herbs in this interactive camp featuring gardens, crops, goats, chickens, and bees. Plant vegetables, dry herbs for teas, make salves, learn about honey extraction, and make pickles. Camp includes cooking lessons by Chef Gail Hinsson from our camp garden plot. Be ready to get dirty and to try new foods!
$630 for 2 weeks

Farm to Table

July 1-5 (no camp July 4)

Ages 8-13

Use farm fresh ingredients in making culinary creations, medicines, and farm-related products like soaps, salves, teas, and sachets. Cooking will be taught by chef Gail Hinson, with lessons on how to get the most out of fresh produce direct from a garden plot at The Farm at Awbury.
$280 for 1 week

Ilvermorny Camp of Witchcraft & Wizardry

July 15-26 SOLD OUT

Ages 8-12

If you are a fan of that famous boy wizard with the scar, then come learn magic Spells, Potions, Herbology, Divination, Defense against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic, and Ancient Runes! Make magical treats, duel with wands, and investigate magical mysteries.
$720 for 2 weeks

Children playing African drums with man instructing

Welcome to Wakanda

July 15-19

Ages 8-12

Enter the magical kingdom of Wakanda! Sharpen your problem-solving skills, learn about the different tribes of Wakanda and how they relate to actual tribes in Africa, draw your own superhero comics, make African-inspired artwork, search for vibranium, and have adventures!
$350 for 1 week

Art and Nature

July 29-August 2

Ages 8 to 12

Using different media, take inspiration from nature as you draw, paint, collage, sculpt, and sketch images, people. animals, and landscapes. The session will culminate in an art exhibition open to all campers.
$350 for 1 week

Girl on the lawn with a box turtle
Children observing a bee swarm on a trellis

Mystery at the Arboretum

August 12-16 SOLD OUT

Ages 8 to 12

Strange things are going on at the Arboretum! Weird messages have been left in odd places, and things have gone missing. Who is responsible? Campers observe, follow clues, interview suspects, and solve the mystery by week’s end.
$350 for 1 week

Camps for ages 10 and up

Young Urban Farmers

July 15-July 26

Ages 10-14

Learn what goes into running an urban farm, including regenerative agriculture, organic farming, composting techniques, biosequestration, and animal care. Plant vegetables and herbs, makes salves, teas, and gourmet meals from farm-fresh ingredients, and tend Awbury’s camp garden plot.

$700 for 2 weeks

Advanced Wilderness Survival

July 29-August 9 SOLD OUT

Ages 10 to 14

Learn advanced wilderness survival skills: building matchless fires,  whittling your own utensils, emergency first aid, orienteering (finding your way with a compass), water filtration, hut building, advanced plant foraging, and much, much more! Session culminates in an optional overnight campout.
$720 for 2 weeks

a group of teens tying gauze bandages around each other's arms

Outdoor & Wilderness Leadership Skills (OWLS)

August 12-16

Ages 13 to 17

Training for CITs. Includes leadership, group and conflict management skills, campcraft training, writing résumés, learning the steps of the job application process, practice job interviews, and American Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification.
$350 for 1 week

A group of kids pointing triumphantly up at a backpack hanging from a tree branch

drawing of crow flapping its wings and Awbury Adventures logoAwbury Adventures 2023

This camp is so incredibly inventive and has been such a wonderful part of our children’s lives. Awbury camps have helped us raise our children and instill in them a love for and knowledge of nature.

Jennifer Riggan

Longtime camp parent and parent of CIT

This is hands down the kids’ favorite (and now only) camp. [My daughter] will continue year-round programming, and is already planning to apply to be a CIT and counselor.

Sarah Barrett

Advanced Wilderness Survival Camp parent

[My daughter] loved everything! Every day she was bubbling over with stories about camp. It was amazing. I’ve never experienced a camp that was so incredibly creative and fun.

Catherine Coleman

Ilvermorny Camp of Witchcraft & Wizardry parent