The mission of the Awbury Arboretum Association is to preserve and interpret Awbury’s historic house and landscape, thereby connecting an urban community with nature and history.

The Awbury Arboretum Association carries out the mission and vision of its founders today through:

  • Welcoming visitors with free admission and access to the grounds 365 days a year.
  • Engaging friends and neighbors through educational programs and events.
  • Partnering with local schools and daycares to utilize Awbury’s landscape and historic house as an active community learning center and context for place-based education.
  • Building connections with community partners to steward and interpret Awbury’s 56-acre historical landscape and house.
Children's Programs at Awbury Arboretum
Children's Programs at Awbury Arboretum

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility at Awbury

Awbury formed a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) committee in the summer of 2020 to better reflect and connect with the people and communities we serve. We recognize that we have fallen short in a number of ways, and we apologize for any actions we have taken that have caused people to feel unwelcome or disregarded. We will continue to work towards a more welcoming space and ensure we are thoughtful neighbors. Through our policies, programs, and community interactions, we are working to foster an environment that acknowledges and respects differences and is equitable, inclusive, and respectful of all people.

Becoming an antiracist institution is an ongoing process that requires us to listen, learn and change.

We are taking a hard look at ourselves. To date, we have made and are continuing to make some progress, including:

• Hiring a DEIA consultant with expertise in nonprofits in February 2021 and accepting the consultant’s final report and recommendations
• Establishing the Community Planning Committee to ensure transparency and accountability of the staff, Board, and committees of the Awbury Arboretum Association related to plans for capital projects, programming, and landscape or facilities changes
• Increasing diversity on the Board and among the Staff
• Developing a more transparent and inclusive Board nominating process
• Raising awareness of our programs in our immediate neighborhood to better serve our local community
• Reserving space in our camps and afterschool programs specifically for under-resourced families to increase access

As we review everything at the Arboretum through a DEIA lens, be it programming, hiring, vendor relationships, or even the historic landscape designed in an idealized 19th-century English style, we must acknowledge the existence of the Arboretum reflects some very hard truths, namely that the preservation of this beautiful piece of the landscape came at the expense of Native peoples being driven from their lands, wealthy White European landowners amassing wealth on the backs of enslaved people, and poor working-class immigrants having their homes razed to create an expansive park. While keeping these historical truths in mind, we at Awbury must look to a better, more equitable future, both for the Arboretum and for the neighborhood in which it finds itself.

We are committed to this ongoing and long-term effort.

Awbury Stands in Solidarity

Awbury Arboretum’s Board and staff wish to express our solidarity with the Black community and the efforts to end anti-Black violence, oppression, and injustice.

The Arboretum is free and open to our community and welcomes all to find respite in nature.

Black Lives Matter