AdventureWoods is a natural materials playground space, inspired by sketches from Studio Bryan Hanes and built in the Awbury’s Secret Garden in 2017.

Adventurewoods Highlights


What is a natural materials playground?

It is a mixture of structures, paths, and loose materials that invites families to play in nature.

This innovative, sustainable playscape engages children in creative, imaginative, and active discovery.  Kids are free have fun and learn, experiment and discover, all while exercising and enjoying the outdoors.

AdventureWoods features three distinct natural playscapes:

❦ the Willows     the Woodlot     the Weft and Weave

When can we visit?

AdventureWoods is closed for the season. We will reopen our free and open visiting hours in Spring 2020.

We will be open for our Holiday Open House & Greens Sale on December 7th, and AdventureWoods is also available by special arrangement and for rentals.  Please contact Branda at for more details.

Where is AdventureWoods?

It is located in the Secret Garden at Awbury Arboretum, while includes more than three acres of enclosed space.

Directions: Please park on Ardleigh St and follow signs to the Secret Garden entrance.  (Click maps to enlarge images.)


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What do kids do in AdventureWoods?

They play in nature!  You and your guests are free to wander the Secret Garden and creatively engage with the structures and materials.

How much does it cost?

Admission during open public hours is free!

Looking to host a party in AdventureWoods?  Please contact Branda at for details about renting the space outside of open public hours.

What if it rains?

Please note that AdventureWoods will be closed if it rains.

Where do we park?

There is ample free parking on Ardleigh St.


Adventurewoods collage

Families explored, built, enjoyed AdventureWoods at our Discovery Day public opening on September 24, 2017.