Weavers Way Co-op & Farms

At their two farm locations, Weavers Way grows more than 50 different types of vegetables and fruit on 6.5 acres, supplying their farmers market, the Weavers Way Co-op stores, and the Henry Got Crops CSA with fresh produce. With roots in a volunteer-run garden, the farms now employ seven full-time farmers during the growing season.


The Mort Brooks Memorial Farm

Established in 2000, commemorates a long-time proponent of urban agriculture. The farm was established on ¼ acre of Awbury Arboretum’s “Northwest Tract” in 2000 by Mort’s wife Norma Brooks and her friends from Weavers Way Co-op in partnership with Awbury Arboretum. Since 2007, a full-time farmer and many volunteers have worked the 2-acre farm, providing learning opportunities for our community as well as fresh, environmentally responsible produce to Weavers Way Cooperative stores. Through the nonprofit Food Moxie (formerly Weavers Way Community Programs), community members and students visit the farms and get their hands dirty planting, weeding, harvesting, tasting and learning about growing healthy food. They also donate food to local organizations that serve our communities.