The Philly Goat Project celebrates the dynamic and delightful capacities of goats by creating educational and wellness opportunities in our community, which is the cornerstone of the Philly Goat Project.
We are committed to engaging with friends and neighbors across generations to promote well-being, take care of our environment, and build unique opportunities with partners around the city. PGP is especially proud of the addition of the Storybook Trail to the landscape of the Farm at Awbury where visitors can enjoy interactive ways to learn about nature each season and read stories. Two free programs that are year-round include a monthly Animal Assisted Therapy program called The RAMble and a Teen Job Training
Internship for middle schoolers who attend neighborhood public schools. Our specially trained goats are ambassadors at special
events of all kinds throughout the city including those related to parks, education, libraries, and special needs. Our motto is: “Goats for the Greater Good”.


Goats are one of the most sustainable and earth-friendly animals. They are vegetarians and love to eat things that other animals ignore. Goat grazing helps manage invasive weeds while encouraging the regrowth of native perennial plants. Goats produce organic fertilizer that helps restore the soil. Learn more about how goats are good for the earth at one of our public events. 


“I love how the goats just remind us daily of what’s important in life. PGP brings
together so many wonderful people in such fun and unique ways, I love being part of
this community!”
-Leslie Jackson, community member, goat Auntie and PGP volunteer