Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild originally established the apiary in The Farm at Awbury with the intention of breeding bees acclimated to this region’s weather. The vision was to sell these hardy, healthy bees to Guild members and improve the genetics of the bee population in the area. The Guild’s vision has shifted into that of a teaching and demonstration apiary where its members host classes and provide community outreach. Additionally, the kitchen at The Farm at Awbury has been certified as an approved honey extraction kitchen. The Guild is able to offer this facility to its members.

Community Stories

“As a resident in the Northwest section of Philadelphia, I value Awbury on a number of levels. As a lover of all things trees and gardens, the Arboretum side of Awbury is a treasure. In the six years I have lived in Philadelphia, I have noticed numerous improvements in maintenance, new plantings, and the addition of attractions for children of all ages. My heart is especially close to The Farm at Awbury. As a board member of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild, we very much value our partnership with Awbury. The Guild Apiary hosts classes for new beekeepers and provides hands-on mentoring for current beekeepers. …Awbury’s contagious congeniality and sense of community spills into the beekeepers Guild in our everyday
interactions as well as when we host our twice-annual social pot-luck gatherings at
the Education Center.”
– Kathy May, Beekeeper