Food Moxie educates and inspires people to grow, taste, cook, and eat healthy food. Food Moxie envisions a vibrant and healthy world where all people have the skills and resources needed to grow, harvest, cook, and prepare healthy food their own way. This non-profit arm of Weavers Way Co-op believes that food should be celebrated
and that individual and community health increases when people make growing and cooking a part of their lives.

Community Stories

From a youth attending our annual Gather for Good conference held at The Farm at
Q: Is there anything you will do differently in your life or at your school/organization
as a result of participating in the conference?
A: Yes. Just gonna try to change people’s minds about how they eat. I’m going to
show people what is organic and healthy.
Q: Did you have the opportunity to learn or try something new? If yes what.
A: I learned that there are billions of living things in soil.