In the Spring of 2013, in partnership with Awbury and Weavers Way Community Programs (Food Moxie), the Philadelphia Orchard Project installed a permaculture demonstration orchard at The Farm at Awbury. The orchard has now reached maturity, and Awbury is currently working with the Philadelphia Orchard Project to develop orchard-based community programming, and to integrate the orchard
into youth educational programming.



To engage and educate the community about ecological orchard care as well as permaculture techniques for growing diverse fruit, nuts, medicine, and more.

Ages Served: All
Number of Participants: 200+ Annually




















Community Stories

“A family signed up for one of our volunteer days to participate. They were two siblings and they each brought their children to enjoy the day working outside. When they arrived the siblings were so excited
to see how much was happening inside Awbury’s walls that they could enjoy and be a part of. They explained to me how they would play here as children and had just moved back to the area. They were glad to learn it was a place their children could play but as a family, they could also learn about and access locally grown food while meeting neighbors.”– Awbury Food Forest Member

“Volunteering at The Awbury Food Forest is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with other nature lovers. As stewards we get to experiment with designing, caring for, and harvesting from a young food forest (also known as an Edible Forest Garden). We learn about a variety of edible and medicinal plants and trees, and we are rewarded with creating a forest patch that provides for us.”
– Jean Gajary, Awbury Food Forest Steward