To introduce chickens of different breeds to the community. To provide engagement with animals at The Farm at Awbury as a learning experience for participants in Awbury educational programs and the community at large.

The Awbury Cluck Patrol is currently made up of ten hens of various breeds who spend their days strutting about the Farm, resting in their spacious coop, and being cared for by volunteers, led by neighbor Petra Bräuer.  The chickens not only provide eggs and eat agricultural pests that destroy crops, but they also help us educate families about life cycles- from egg to chick to adult back to egg- all while engaging guests with their antics.

Can you spot the mischievous chicken on the loose?

“Chickens are not just for eating, they are good for your garden and are great feathered friends. I am hoping to bring an educational and playful lesson about chickens into the public schools in our area!”
– Petra Brauer, Awbury Chick Squad Lead Volunteer