Represent, Represent:

A Call for Photos of People of Color in Nature

by Sheryl Wright, Awbury Board member


Representation matters. All people engage with the natural world. It is important that we amplify images of Black people and people of color in nature and the ways that they interact with and think about nature and the outdoors.

There is a long and rich history of Black people’s engagement with nature and the outdoors. Far too often, however, Black people and people of color are literally missing from the photos and unheard within conversations taking place in white-dominated spaces.


Of course, we would love to see photos taken on the grounds at Awbury and we encourage people to visit the Arboretum to do so—but we know nature is everywhere.  The ways that people engage with nature doesn’t have a specific look: for some, connecting with nature and spending time outdoors looks like sitting in the backyard, barbequing in Fairmount Park, or taking a walk around the neighborhood.  For others, it looks like hiking a trail, canoeing down a river, or bird-watching in the woods.  There is no formula for a photo.  Nature is for all and nature is everywhere.

[Please note, for all photos of people, especially children, that you have permission for their likeness to be published]

Every month, we will create a slideshow of submitted photos and share them on our Facebook page and in our email.  Help us lift up images and the perspectives of people of color in nature!