Represent, Represent:

Photos of People of Color in Nature

by Sheryl Wright, Awbury Board member


Representation matters. All people engage with the natural world. It is important that we amplify images of Black people and people of color in nature and the ways that they interact with and think about nature and the outdoors.

There is a long and rich history of Black people’s engagement with nature and the outdoors. Far too often, however, Black people and people of color are literally missing from the photos and unheard within conversations taking place in white-dominated spaces. In February of 2021, we asked you to submit photos taken of Black people enjoying nature, and you responded.


Black people and people of color, more broadly, have a long and rich historical connection with nature and the outdoors. Those ties live on to this day.

Getting out on the water in a kayak, fishing off of a city pier, climbing a tree, dipping toes into the waters of a creek, harvesting rainbow chard on a local farm, hiking to a mountain summit or just simply relaxing, playing or otherwise spending time outdoors are just some examples of the ways that people showed themselves engaging with nature. The range of activities and locations depicted in the photos illustrate the varied perspectives and avenues to connect with the outdoors. Indeed, nature is for all and nature is everywhere!

To those who submitted photos, thank you for representing!

You can watch the slideshow, or click to see the photos at your own pace. If you click on a photo, it will appear full size.