Blog Series: Bird of the Month

Thanks to series author Dan Sardaro, former Awbury Arboretum intern, novice birder, and author of 2018 and 2019’s “Pollinators– from wasps to wind” and “Series on Natural Fibers ” 

2022 is the Year of Birds at Awbury Arboretum, and as part of our celebration we will be featuring a special bird each month.

“Happy New Year and welcome to your very own guide to the Year of Birds at Awbury Arboretum! In 2022, Awbury will be dedicating each month to some of the diverse bird species that inhabit the acres of its grounds, from the stoic Red-tailed hawk to the elusive Great Horned Owl to the sprightly White-throated Sparrow. Stay tuned for the full lineup of birds that you can spot in the forest canopy and meadows of Awbury’s grounds – or in your own backyard!” – Dan Sardaro, January 2022

Cedar Waxwing

Check back later this year to learn about…

December: Red-Tailed Hawk