Seasonal Interest



  • Study the profiles of bare trees and tree barks of many colors and textures. The native and imported Hollies are large and small, with varied leaf shapes. The earliest snowdrops of the calendar year begin emerging.┬áRed Tails scream, Crows caw, and Woodpeckers “Rat, tat, tat.”



  • As the snowdrops fade, Spicebush begins to bloom, Spring Beauties and Violets in the grass, Cherry Blossoms, white and pink, contrast with unfolding leaves.┬áSpring peepers sing, migrating Warblers appear and groundhogs and foxes prowl the property morning and evening.



  • Many shades of green predominate, the property is noticeably cooler and quieter than surrounding streets, and its height (305 ft. above sea level) catches breezes. The agricultural village is a panorama of food crops in various stages, from transplants to ready-to-harvest. The flowering pollinator garden hosts butterflies, bees, and busy bee hives. At dusk, bats patrol.



  • Early fall shows Joe Pye Weed, Asters and Goldenrod. Grasses turn tawny. Leaf colors range from pale yellows and pinks to fiery oranges and reds. The agricultural village demonstrates lush leafy greens for Fall and Winter kitchens.┬áMigratory birds seek seeds and berries; squirrels are everywhere. At dusk, you might hear owls calling.