Awbury Arboretum now has a portion of its archival material available to the public online.  Awbury Archivist Alex Bartlett has been working tirelessly to get the project up and running, and the dream is finally a reality.  Alex says:

“This important project has been five years in the making, and could not have been completed without the support of our staff, volunteers, and neighbors. We would like to thank Gay Johnson for her work and support here in the archives, and for her many years of tireless advocacy for the Arboretum. This project would also not have been possible without the many donations of photographs we have received over the years. Thank you!”

Awbury staff are hopeful that increasing access to the Archives through technology will allow the public to engage with Awbury’s history in new ways and catalyze further donation of archival materials.

Click here to visit Awbury’s online collections and begin your own search!