2020 is the Year of Citizen Science at Awbury!

Citizen science is the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge. 

Citizen science enables participants to make a direct contribution to research, increase their scientific understanding, and immerse themselves deeply afield in learning about environmental issues. These opportunities provide personally transformative experiences.

In 2020 Awbury Arboretum is hosting many citizen science events for people of all ages to participate in and learn about for FREE. Come learn, enjoy, and help in scientific research to support caring for our earth and fellow species.

Some of the Citizen Science Projects that we will be hosting include:

❦ January: The Great Backyard Bird Count Project – 1/26

❦ March: Budburst – 3/21

❦ April: BioBlitz / City Nature Challenge – 4/25

❦ May: Streamkeepers

❦ June: Nestwatch

❦ July: iTree

❦ August: Firefly Starter

❦ September: Monarch Migration – 9/5

And MORE – stay tuned for more information!

Please check our weekly eblast and events page for other activities and events throughout the year.

Past years:

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2018 the Year of the Pollinator

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2016 – Awbury Arboretum’s Centennial

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