Stewardship Plan

Awbury Stewardship Plan

“One way to think about Awbury Arboretum is as a community of people who are the stewards of a community of plants. Good stewardship is an active and on-going process: it requires both present action and future planning.”

– Mark Sellers, Chair, Awbury Arboretum Association

Awbury Staff and Board members take part in developing a Stewardship Plan, identifying our “Top 10” projects for the next several years and beyond. Each project is selected with the arboretum’s long-range use and sustainability in mind. From combating invasive growth and replacing the porch of the Francis Cope House, to expanding agricultural fields and restoring meadow habitat, every one of these projects either enhance the arboretum’s ability to earn revenue, save money by improving security, or improve the landscape.

Download PDF of Awbury's 2014 Stewardship Plan