Secret Garden

This “Secret Garden” at Awbury Arboretum is also known as the Henry Cope Garden, and dates to the earliest days of Awbury.  It held a small, formal boxwood garden and a long grass lawn.  The wall surrounding the garden, however, was a WPA project built during the Great Depression. You can find similar walls along Washington lane. These were also constructed as WPA projects.

The Secret Garden now includes understory trees and shrubs such as winterberry holly, shadbush, witchhazel, spicebush, viburnums and dogwood species. The garden also exhibits very tall, old persimmons.  Visits to the Secret Garden must be planned in advance – if you wish to tour the Secret Garden as part of a group tour, let us know at our Contact Us page.

As of 2017, the Secret Garden is also home of Adventurewoods, a natural materials playground space.