Our gentle giants need your help.

Heritage trees are the pride of our grounds here in the heart of Historic Germantown. They are living testaments to the stamina and resilience of the natural world.

At Awbury, we are committed to giving the best care we can to heritage trees like our cherished LINDEN aka American Basswood (Tilia americana). A onetime State Champion, this magnificent tree has witnessed the laughter of thousands of children, provided shade for countless picnics and sheltered wildlife for well over one hundred years. This fall, a widening crack through its branching trunk seriously threatened its stability. To rescue her from fatally splitting, we orchestrated a plan to weave an elaborate system of special cables among her branches over forty feet high. This kind of critical care can entail costs of more than $4000 per tree.

Please help us save more trees than we lose each year.

Give to our TREE FUND to help the magic, history, and beauty of our heritage trees live on at Awbury Arboretum.


Thank You

A school group beneath Awbury’s heritage Tilia tree shows the massive scale of this gentle giant