Frequently Asked Questions 

Curious about Awbury’s new membership benefits ? We have all the answers below.

I'm already a member, what now?

Don’t worry! your membership is still active and you will receive your new membership card in the mail in the coming weeks!

I have paid $35 for membership in the last year, will I still qualify for the Tulip Poplar Tier (tier 1)?

YES! If you have donated $35-$49 to Awbury in the last year, you will be grandfathered into The Tulip Poplar Tier (tier 1) until your membership expires. You will receive an email before your membership expires with an option to renew your membership and/or change your tier. If you decide to renew your membership, at the same level, then the cost is $50.

I'm not sure if I am a member, how do I find out if I am?

In the past – a $35 donation to Awbury has qualified as a full year of membership. If you do not remember when you last donated to Awbury last – email the membership manager at to inquire about your membership status. Beginning October 15th, 2022 membership will start at $50 a year.

Are donations the same as membership?

No. Donations are separate from membership. In the past, a donation of $35 or more was considered both a donation and a bid for membership – now, Awbury membership must be acquired through, and donations are given through

Why is recurring monthly payment preferred?

Awbury Arboretum is a not-for-profit organization that relies on a steady stream of donations from groups and individuals like you for its operating support. Recurring donations are the best way to ensure this. 

You may sign up for recurring donations and you will automatically receive family membership benefits.

How does the family membership work?

With a family membership, you will receive two Awbury member cards that be used to redeem discounts at local businesses, and tickets for member-only events for your family, all other benefits will extend to your spouse or partner and children.

Family membership is $80 per year for The Tulip Poplar Tier ( Tier 1). For every other Tier and for recurring monthly payments- the family membership is equal to the individual.

Can my family member or child utilize member benefits as well?
  • Yes. By purchasing a family membership in The Tulip Poplar Tier, or any membership tier above that – you and your whole family will receive benefits!
I am already a member but I would like to upgrade by benefits - how does that work?

You are welcome to upgrade your membership at any time. Membership benefits always start the day of your payment and ends one calendar year later. 

Can I lend my membership card to a friend for use?

Membership cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the named cardholder, their spouse/ partner, and children with a family membership. 

What happens in the event I lost/ damaged my membership card?

Contact the membership manager and request a new card. Your new card should arrive within1-2 weeks. Please provide your current address so that we can confirm what we have on file.

I didn't see my Membership related question listed above.
  • Please contact the membership manager at