Be a Citizen Scientist – Learn about Budburst (Cancelled)

March 21
10:00 - 12:00 pm
Be a Citizen Scientist – Learn about Budburst (Cancelled)

Please note: In an effort to follow the public health recommendations of social distancing in light of coronavirus/COVID-19, we have canceled this event.

While not exactly a household word, phenology is a rapidly growing field of science that lends itself to engaging citizen scientists in making simple observations of changes in their environment. Be part of the growing group of people interested in plant phenology by learning about Budburst. A project of the Chicago botanic garden, more Budburst information can be found HERE.

Phenology is the study of the timing of the biological events in plants and animals such as flowering, leafing, hibernation, reproduction, and migration. Scientists who study phenology are interested in the timing of such biological events in relation to changes in season and climate. As our climate is changing we can use phenology to help gather information and track changes.

At Awbury we will learn more about the science of phenology and then (weather permitting) we will venture out into the landscape to make observations of plants budding or leafing out at the arboretum.

Ages 5 and up are welcome to join. The event is FREE but please register as space is limited.

Location: the Cope House at Awbury Arbroetum, 1 Awbury Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19138