What Is An Arboretum?

An arboretum is a type of botanical garden dedicated to the collection and study of “woody” plants (trees and shrubs).  We like to tell the children who visit for our educational programs to think of an arboretum as a “zoo for trees”.

To be more specific, an arboretum is a place that has intentionally preserved specific trees and shrubs for educational and scientific purposes.  At Awbury Arboretum, visitors are welcome to view and study the specimens in our plant collection at any time during open hours, free of charge.  Awbury also provides educational classes and events for all ages with a mission to connect our community to the Arboretum’s landscape – including its historic plant collections.

No two arboreta are alike, and they vary significantly based on climate, history, individual missions, and many other factors.  We invite you to visit Awbury and experience how we interpret our mission as a botanical garden, natural collection, historic landscape, and public green space.