"Neighbor Bring a Neighbor" picnic with the Awbury Neighbors Association

“Neighbor Bring a Neighbor” picnic with the Awbury Neighbors Association

Our Neighborhood Partners

As a community not-for-profit organization, partnerships with our local Neighborhood Associations are a vital part of our mission and operations.

Here are some of the Neighborhood Associations that we partner with.

Awbury Neighbors Association

Founded: 1974

Mission: “The Awbury Neighbors Association is a nonprofit community organization established in 1974 as a forum for community discussion and coordination center for neighborhood improvement.”

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 7:30PM, Immaculate Conception DePaul House, 5725 Sprague St.

Contact: Awbury Arboretum Neighbors, PO Box 20599, Philadelphia, PA 19138

Cliveden Hills Association

Serving: Anderson, Ardleigh, Barrington, Boyer, Cliveden, Johnson, Matthews, Milton, Sharpnack, Sprague and Upsal Street 700 E.

Meetings: Second Monday of the Month, 7-8:30PM, True Light Fellowship Church, 6400 Ardleigh Street – Community Room

Contact: Cliveden Hills Association, PO Box 12317, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Email: info@clivedenhills.org


The Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club Brings "Astronomy Night" to Awbury

The Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club Brings “Astronomy Night” to Awbury

Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club Inc.

Founded: 1981

Mission: The Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club, Inc. (CBNC) is a 501(c)(3) community organization located in the northwest section of Philadelphia, PA. Since 1981, this organization was founded on prayer and volunteerism.

Meetings: Last Wednesday of the Month, 6pm – 7pm, Joseph E. Coleman Memorial Library, Greene & Chelten Ave. Philadelphia PA 19144

Contact: Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club, Inc., P.O. Box 14134, Philadelphia, PA 19138, Philadelphia, PA 19138

Website: http://chewandbelfield.webs.com/

East Mount Airy Neighbors Association

Founded: 1966

Mission: The East Mount Airy Neighbors Association (EMAN) is a community organization committed to:  Cooperating with local organizations, individuals and businesses located in, or having an interest in, the community of East Mount Airy.  Facilitating whenever problems arise in the area, seeking solutions that will be of greatest mutual benefit.  Promoting projects and public improvements that encourage positive growth and development in the community, and make it a better place in which to live.  Encouraging and supporting legislation that will accomplish the above objectives.  Providing a means of friendly communication, mutual understanding, information and education to bring about the above objectives.

Serving: Germantown Avenue on the West (West Mount Airy), Stenton Avenue to the East (Cedarbrook), Cresheim Valley Drive to the North (Chestnut Hill), Washington Lane to the South (Germantown)

Meetings: First Tuesdays of the Month. 7:30pm at the EMAN Office on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary (7301 Germantown Ave.).
Contact: East Mount Airy Neighbors
7301 Germantown Avenue
(at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia)
Philadelphia, PA, 19119
Phone: 215-242-4170
Fax: 215-242-4189
Email: info@eastmountairy.org

Website: http://www.eastmountairy.org/