Rejuvenating Yoga Series

August 29
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Rejuvenating Yoga Series

The Rejuvenating Yoga Series is a slow-flow Hatha class perfect for all levels. We will use the natural surroundings, postures, guided meditation and breathing to manage stress. You can expect to cleanse and release, preparing yourself for an abundant rebirth! Postures and exercises are created to help you become more aware in your own body to take charge of yourself. You will leave with tools to ease your own discomfort or improve your personal abilities and quality of life in a gentle, step-by-step setting.

Christina Robohm is an AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor from Colorado and serves as a reliable, committed instrument in leading students to hear the truth they already have inside. In her eleven years of practice, Christina has moved from aggressive, physical postures to more introspective and restorative classes. After experiencing multiple, serious injuries herself, she has learned how to bring students to the next level but also to take a step back and acknowledge the small whispers of the body without judgment. Christina also tries at least two drastically new things each year to keep herself aware of what it is like to feel nervous while learning. She uses these experiences in combination with her 320 hours of Restorative Yoga studies to be your compassionate and patient teacher.

$15 to drop in

$72 for a package of 6 classes

Rejuvenating Yoga Series

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