Native American-inspired Dinner

October 08
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Native American-inspired Dinner

Native American-inspired Dinner to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day


Come celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day this year with a Native American-inspired dinner prepared by Sue Wasserkrug of Zea May’s Kitchen. The meal will feature dishes made with ingredients that were common in pre-conquest indigenous cuisines of the Americas. Many of these ingredients were subsequently adopted by cultures around the globe; ironically, the tomato is considered a staple of Columbus’ homeland of Italy, when in fact it comes from Central America.

The experience is $35.00 per person and BYOB. The dinner is at the Cope House.

Join us on October 8 for a feast of new foods made with Native flavors. Learn the history and significance of these foods among various tribes; leave with new ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner – or some other meal during Native American Heritage Month (November). The menu will include:

    • •  Sweet Potato Empanadas (V)
    • •  Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Soup (VG)
    • •  Maple-Chipotle Trout
    • •  Wild Rice Salad (VG)
    • •  Quinoa Three Sisters Salad (VG)
    • •  Blue Corn Bread (V)
    • •  Cranberry Crumble (V)
    • •  Beverages: Hibiscus Cooler; Navajo Tea

(V=vegetarian; VG=vegan)

Zea May’s Kitchen is a mission-driven business that strives to promote an understanding of Native American cultures through food. The name “Zea May’s” comes from the scientific name for corn: zea mays. First domesticated in Central America thousands of years ago, corn became a staple crop throughout the pre-conquest Americas, and today it is one of the most important food crops in the world.

Zea May’s Kitchen is owned by Sue Wasserkrug, a 20-year resident of northwest Philadelphia. Trained as an anthropologist, lawyer, mediator, and photographer, Sue is a self-taught chef who loves to share food inspired by Native American culinary traditions. She has had a life-long interest in Native American cultures, possibly because she was Native American in a previous life. You may have enjoyed some of her food when she operated a food truck in Philadelphia a few years ago.

Native American-inspired Dinner

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