Teen Leadership Corps (TLC) at Awbury Arboretum

Creating personal and social change through small urban agricultural youth run food businesses….urban grown and raised.


Now Accepting Teen Leadership Corps (TLC) Applications for Fall 2016!

All high school youth are welcome to join our team this fall as we share our talents and develop skills in urban agriculture, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship at the TLC Market Garden. Middle school youth volunteers will also be considered.

Click here to apply. For more information, email our TLC Program Manager, Christina Moresi, M.Ed. at cmoresi@awbury.org.

Meet Us at the Market in Mt. Airy!

Mt. Airy Farmers’ Market
Thursdays 2 p.m.-6 p.m. 
Carpenter Lane at Greene St.
Philadelphia, PA 19119 
This is summer is our farmers market debut, thanks to Farm To City welcoming us to their Mt. Airy Farmers’ Market. Our youth have been tending to our Uptown and Downtown Farms at the Awbury Agricultural Village as part of their work with the Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc.

Awbury’s Teen Leadership Corps (TLC)’s Uptown and Downtown Farms, located at the Awbury Agricultural Village in Germantown, works to promote environmental sustainability and youth entrepreneurship.
Our farm is managed entirely with no-till sustainable growing methods emphasizing soil health, & biodiversity. We grow a range of crops for feeding our program participants, selling at market, and donating to local food pantries.

We partner with Penn State Extension Master Gardeners, Philadelphia Public Schools, and City Harvest to share best practices in urban agriculture, horticulture, soil science, poultry husbandry, and pollinator health. 

Visit our Website at https://tlcawburyarboretum.wordpress.com to learn more about our crops, program, and youth. 


Our Mission:

The mission of the Teen Leadership Corps is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to learn about food, farming, entrepreneurship, and each other.  Our community works together to create urban agricultural based products and services and to learn essential business skills.  We provide youth leadership opportunities and place to learn and to earn.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where youth are active leaders, diverse communities feel connected to the land and each other, and businesses work to benefit the communities in which they thrive.

Our Values:

  • harvest fest teensyouth and adult partnerships are at the heart of our best work;
  • we are stewards of our land and our community – and, in turn, they sustain us;
  • our strength grows from diverse experiences, backgrounds, cultures and points of view;
  • in hard work that balances rigor, reflection and fun

Our History:

TLC was formed in school year 2013-14 and is finishing up our first full agricultural year.   We grew hundreds of herb seedling which we planted and sold; started a 50’x50’ market garden – The Uptown Farm; built, tended and harvested 10 raised beds; built and utilized a small unheated greenhouse.  We have use of the Awbury Farm Kitchen and Classroom two days a week.  With the generous support of the Aetna Foundation and Penn State Extension we will be continuing into 2015 and beyond.  This fall we planted hundreds of garlic bulbs to sell and cook with next summer, and are about to plant hundreds of flower bulbs to sell in spring.  This fall/winter we will figure out creative ways to heat our greenhouse,  and continue to grow the current TLC team into leaders ready to recruit and welcome the next crop of TLC youth.    Of course we will also cook hearty soups and stews with the remaining produce in our gardens, and from local farmer friends as the days get shorter and colder. For more info contact  Anna Herman,  aherman@awbury.org

Click here to read about the TLC in the Philadelphia Inquirer 

Watch a video created by the TLC in the summer of 2014: