Birdwatching is a very rewarding and popular hobby for amateurs and experts. Here at Awbury, we’ve got plenty for you to watch.

The Cope family established a compound on what is now Awbury Arboretum beginning in 1849. The property, referred to as the Awbury Historic District, includes 55 acres of natural landscape as well as many privately owned homes. In 1916 the Cope family donated the property to the City Parks Association, with one of the express purposes to establish a refuge for birds. To support this plan, Awbury Arboretum was planted with many native species to provide food and cover for both year-round and migratory birds.

Today, Awbury hosts birding events, participates in Philly bird censuses, and offers field studies programs for children to learn about birds.

Click here to view our Events Page to see if there are any upcoming birding events.  Take a look at the bird list of birds actually seen here at the Arboretum. Then, visit and see if you can add to your life list!