Community Garden

Community Garden at Awbury Arboretum - Philadelphia, PA

Community Garden

This 51-plot Community Garden, established with Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension in 1977 is the successor to Great Depression allotments and WWII Victory Gardens. The garden provides flowers, fruit and vegetables to local residents and annually donates substantial quantities of food to Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Harvest. What makes this garden even more special is that it is managed by a coordinating committee of neighbors of Awbury Arboretum.

Permaculture Orchard

A Permaculture orchard is under development through partnership with the Philadelphia Orchard Project and Weavers Way Community Programs. Our volunteers have cleared the area, and the first plants will be installed on Arbor Day 2013. There is also a children’s garden maintained by Weavers Way Community Programs. Weavers way uses the entire Agricultural Village for educational programs.

Mort Brooks Farm

The “Mort Brooks Memorial Farm est. in 2000” commemorates a long-time proponent of Urban Agriculture. A full time farmer and many volunteers have worked the 2-acre farm since 2011. This partnership provides food to Weavers Way Cooperative stores in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill and the Head House Market in Society Hill. was established on ¼ acre of Awbury Arboretum’s “Northwest Tract” in 2000 by Mort’s wife Norma Brooks and her friends from Weavers Way Co-op in partnership with Awbury Arboretum.

High Tunnel

In 2008, Penn State Cooperative Extension partnered with Weavers Way Farm and Awbury Arboretum to build a hoophouse at the Agricultural Village for experimentation with season extension.


Greenhouses at Awbury Arboretum


Weavers Way partners with the Philadelphia Horticultural Society City Harvest Program, providing food to several organizations combating hunger in Philadelphia. Since 2008, Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension, Weavers Way Farm, Awbury Arboretum, PHS City Harvest Program, and KJK Associates have joined in season-extension through use of a high tunnel/hoop house, a heated greenhouse to start seeds and a newly-constructed shade house for hardening off seedlings.

Pollinator Garden

The Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America funded a Pollinator Garden in 2010, and 10 new Bee Hives will be located here during 2013. Plants are both nectar and pollen-rich natives and exotics. Adjacent to this area are the 4 raised beds of the Hand Weavers and Dyers Guild of Philadelphia and the recently established Awbury Arboretum Nursery. A central compost project for multiple tenants is in planning stages at the west end of the Agricultural Village.

Awbury Arboretum Landscapes Compound

Awbury Arboretum Landscapes has in construction a secure equipment enclosure for this proprietary Landscaping service. AAL maintains Arboretum grounds and offers maintenance, design, and installation services for area private clients.

Education Building

An educational Facility with 2 Classrooms, a demonstration Kitchen, outside dining space and an adjacent culinary garden will open in Spring 2013.